Have meaningful conversation with your spouse, children, and/or
teenagers that builds intimacy and removes friction right now.
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  2. Select the talk package(s) that you are interested in below.
    They are generic core talks that will give you the right training to communicate better on daily matters.

    This is just the first step before you reach out to more spiritual topics to feed your desire for communion.
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We are partnered with The Communication Cure. When purchasing the products described below, you will be directed to their website's online store.

The Catholic Communication Cure Marriage TALKS - Cost: $49.99

The Core Marriage TALK series has 30 talks to help you through subjects such as the highs and lows of marriage as well as finances, surviving stress, marriage and work, and caring and protecting your marriage.

The Catholic Communication Cure Parent & Child TALKS - Cost: $39.99

The Core Parent & Child TALK series has 20 talks to help you to talk to your children about subjects such as the world you grew up in, when you went to school, the world of today, school, and making good choices and much more.

The Catholic Communication Cure Parent & Teen TALKS - Cost: $39.99

The Core Parent & Teen TALK series has 20 talks to assist you in talking to your teens about subjects such as friends of the opposite and same gender, dating, risky behaviors, spirituality, and values among many other subjects.



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