Parent & Child Talk: Working Through a Tough Time

How to use this Talk

- Set and agree upon a convenient and "low stress" time to talk.

- Find a quiet comfortable location where you won't be interrupted.
- Sit as close as possible with your laptop/computer controls accessible.
- Decide who will take the role of speaker and answer all the questions.  
- Click the "Let's Begin" button. A progress bar is displayed below this button.
- The speaker responds out loud to what the program asks while the other participant(s) listen carefully to him/her.
- Maintain eye contact as much as possible as you speak and listen. Married couples, hold hands if you are comfortable.
- When you have given a thoughtful answer, click "Next Question."
When the speaker has answered all the questions a prompt to 'Replay' the Talk will be displayed. Reverse roles so the listener is now in the role of speaker. 
- Take as much time communicating together as you desire. We suggest you aim for 20 minutes of conversation.
- Revisit the same topic in the future for an entirely new conversation.