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“I (Jen) just went through the RCIA program and felt

pretty confident in my understanding of the Church,

but this class covered the topic of marriage in such

great detail, it helped tremendously.”

Matt and Jen - Marriage Prep

“What we appreciated

most was that we could

work together at home and

in private. We feel that we

were more able to be honest

with each other about certain

things. Also the feedback from

our instructors was wonderful.”

Ron and Nicolle - Marriage Prep

“This course helped

me understand how

important it is to be

close to the Church

and God. Thank


Yulisa - Quince Prep




Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput,

OFM cap., Archbishop of Philadelphia

“ is a

valuable resource to prepare

Most Reverend Michael J. Sheridan,

Bishop of Colorado Springs

“I wholeheartedly promote this


Steve Patton,

MA, JD, Family Life Director,

Diocese of Sacramento, CA

“Whether experienced live or

Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota

“Your program has been and

continues to be a gift for so


Christopher West, Expert in St.

John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.

“Here’s a reputable online Marriage

Prep program that integrates is listed

by the United States Conference

of Catholic Bishops as a valid

marriage prep resource and in

couples for marriage and orient them toward a

shared, Christ-centered life. I am pleased to offer

this apostolate my blessing and support.”

online, the Marriage Prep program is a gift to our

engaged couples and to the Church.”

Theology of the Body...”

Testimonials and Endorsments