Catholic Courtship Summit

Young Adult Catholics seriously dating & discerning marriage…⁠​

Are you desiring to know “the one” you’re called to marry?⁠​

If so, Journey to Marriage and invite you to join us at the FREE Catholic Courtship Summit!⁠​

It's our God-given mission is to help Young Adult Catholic Professionals get married & stay married through Catholic dating & relationship coaching.⁠​

Journey to Marriage invited 20+ Catholic Speakers & Influencers to contribute and share some secrets to help you navigate your serious dating & courtship stage with more confidence & clarity. ⁠​

Speakers like Christopher & Wendy West, Jason Evert, Lisa Cotter, Damon Owens, and much more!​

Some topics that will be discussed are:⁠​
✅Healthy Communication⁠​
✅Conflict Resolution⁠​
✅Emotional Intelligence⁠​
✅Growing in Chastity⁠​
✅Developing Affection & Intimacy⁠​
✅Living Out Authentic Catholic Masculinity & Femininity⁠​
And SO much more…!⁠​

This event is designed for young adult Catholic couples seriously discerning & desiring a holy marriage. With the secular culture promoting toxic dating and bad relationship habits, this FREE virtual summit will equip you with the tools & strategies you need to live out this stage with Christ in the center.⁠​

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