What is EnCompass?

This program is designed for married couples who have completed the Agapè Catholic Marriage Prep course.
EnCompass is meant to help these newly married couples to move forward in building their marriage and family. 

Rather than a counseling or dependent program, married mentor couples are provided to guide the newly married couple through the storms of life.

The Sacrament of Matrimony is just the beginning of the journey.
Agapè Catholic Marriage Prep is not only dedicated to the preparation of a Christ-centered marriage; it is also dedicated to helping guide you through the journey of marriage.
That is why CatholicMarriagePrep.com has extended the online courses to continue guiding you through the challenges of marriage with a program called EnCompass.

It consists of two, one hour (2x 55 minutes) long Skype or phone sessions with a married mentor couple.

Your membership is valid for the first ten years of your marriage.

How much...

The cost of the EnCompass membership is $49.99 if purchased within 6 months following completion of the Agape Catholic Marriage Prep course. At the end of the course, the couple will receive a coupon code to use when ordering EnCompass.
If purchased later, the cost will be $119.99

To Purchase More Time with EnCompass...

Any additional mentoring time beyond the first pair of one-hour sessions can be purchased at $60 per hour.  One “hour” consists of 55 minutes. To purchase additional time, visit our online store.

What Comes Next...

You will then be paired with a mentor couple dedicated to helping you mend or strengthen the relationships with your spouse, as well as Christ.
Our married mentor couples are here for you to answer any questions that may arise:
finances, children, faith, sex, communication, careers, relationships... whatever the topic, they are here to help.
We want you to be focused on having balance in your marriage between these factors and with God. 

Centered on Christ...

When you sign up for any of the Catholic Marriage Prep courses, don't forget to check out our EnCompass program.
Your membership will be valid for the first ten years of your marriage, meaning that your mentor couple will be available to guide you whenever life happens.

Invest in your marriage, as Christ has invested in you. 

Order EnCompass Now!

US $119.99 per couple

US $49.99 if purchased within 6 months following completion of the Agape Catholic Marriage Prep course.

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