I was born in Venezuela but moved to the United States by the time I began first grade for my mother's studies. I come from a divorced household and am the only child. This made things a bit more complicated as my mother and I moved back and forth between Venezuela and the United States. Eventually, forced by the incoming political situation, my mother pursued a career in the U.S. that led her to meet my now step-father and allowed for us to remain in the United States as residents.

Although I was born and raised Catholic, I did not have a personal relationship with the faith or God until I was about to enter college. A combination of events, including a failed engagement, put my faith to the test and led me to pursue God as He is and not as I wanted Him to be. By being more involved in my local parish and partaking in a mission trip, I was introduced to my now husband, Sean. 

God has continued to show me incredible mercy as He has gifted me with a God-centered family that continues to strive for holiness each day. I am now a stay at home mother to Dominic who was born in 2018. Becoming a wife and mother at a young age is certainly trying in this day and age but I try to seek the Lord's will in the mundane of being at home.

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