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Ariel: I was born in South Jersey and lived there until I married John.  I was not raised Catholic, but through discovering my true identity in the great love of Jesus Christ I decided to become Catholic.  I entered RCIA in college and was fully initiated into the Catholic Church my junior year of college.  I attended Montclair State University and studied Early Childhood Education. 

John: I was also born in South Jersey.  I grew up a cradle Catholic, but it wasn’t until college that I truly understood what a relationship with Jesus Christ meant.  I went to Montclair State University where I was blessed to be a part of a thriving Newman Center.  I got involved in the Executive Board there where I served as President for two years.  I also was involved in a Bible study led by a missionary.  It is through this relationship and the invitations he extended to me to learn and grow in my faith that I truly came to know the person of Jesus Christ.  Following this encounter, I knew I wanted to become a missionary myself.  I was taking classes to become a Physical Education Teacher but I knew that it was not what I was called to do for the rest of my life.  Upon graduating, I became a college campus missionary myself and served one year in this position before Ariel and I were married.

Our life together began our senior year of high school.  We met in a culinary arts class and began dating not long after becoming friends.  We went to college together and were engaged our junior year.  We wed after two years of engagement on May 13, 2016, the Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima.   Three months after getting married we moved to Maine to serve as Catholic college campus missionaries for three years.  During those three years we truly thrived in our relationship with one another and Jesus Christ.  There were hardships during that time but we were blessed to experience great fruit in our efforts as missionaries.  After serving together as missionaries for 3 years, we made the decision to enter work in spreading the love of Christ in other ways.  John now works in youth ministry at a local Catholic parish and I volunteer to help lead a Bible study for the high school students in the Confirmation program that he oversees.  We love being able to share the Gospel and being able to do it together.  Though we do not currently have any children, we hope to become parents soon through the gift of adoption.  We are so excited to grow our family in this way and look forward to the journey ahead as we become adoptive parents!

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